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About Us

About Us
  • The Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) in New York State was established in 1948 to provide cost-effective shared educational programs and services to school districts. Over 60 years later, the goal remains the same, but has evolved to include a focus on preparing students for their role in a global economy while collaborating with districts to close gaps in student achievement.

    Each school day the programs and services we provide impact the more than 21,000 students that attend our nine Oswego County School Districts. We not only provide outstanding educational experiences, but also offer cost effective cooperative services and programs to the districts themselves.

    In addition to our educational programs, our many services bring cultural experiences to the local schools, books to their libraries and the latest in technology to their students. The success of Oswego County's more than 21,000 students is our mission.

    We also strive to enhance the lives of our residents by providing GED programs, enrichment classes and adult literacy lessons.

    As part of a rebranding effort and in conjunction with a nearly completed campus renovation project, Oswego County BOCES has announced a change to its name, becoming the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation (CiTi).

    Like any other growing organization, we are always working to improve these programs and services. This website will provide an overview of all of the many educational initiatives we provide to you, our community.

    2014-2015 Goals

    Goal 1: Instructional and administrative support programs offered by CiTi are aligned with best practices, current research and component districts’ needs.

    Action: CiTi administration will visit each component school district to discuss changes to present programming and service.

    Goal 2: Organizational structures and operational procedures of the CiTi will make effective and efficient use of all available resources.

    Action: We will identify strategies to help component districts increase their graduation rates.

    Goal 3: We will expand our effective communication to establish relationships that foster positive brand identifications and better define programs and services for the CiTi with business and industry, component districts, and policy makers.

    Action: We will develop talking points as to why we rebranded, highlighting resources and change to programming.

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  • Our Vision

    Equity and excellence for the betterment of our entire community.

    Our Mission

    We will be the leaders in bringing our community unique and effective educational solutions and services.

    Core Values

    We embrace innovation & creativity. We make student-based decisions with honesty, respect & integrity. We collaborate, focused on quality service, expertise & student success.