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Educator Spotlight

  • This month ITS: MS would like to shine the spotlight on our February and March 2017 Educator Spotlights - Tammy Cummings, Library Media Specialist at CiTi and John DeGone, Technology and Photography Teacher at Sandy Creek Central Schools. 

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    Tammy Cummings, LMS from CiTi, Feb. 2017 Spotlight Educator  

    The ITS: Model Schools department at CiTi recently named Tammy Cummings, Library Media Specialist at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation, as its Educator Spotlight for the month of February.

    Cummings has facilitated much collaboration between CiTi’s library media center and classroom teachers. She has worked with high school and Studio in Advertising students on a class project using new Chromebooks and Pixlr, which have allowed students to edit images and create their own artwork. They are in process of creating a portfolio using Google Slides and Google Classroom.  Students have taken their own photographs, created word-art by filling the letters with an image they have chosen and have worked on their Billboards.

    Her commitment to use of technology has expanded to include participation in the Monkey Bot Sphero Sparks Ideas project, which has been made possible thanks to a grant from NYSCATE. This allowed the library to purchase a Blue Bot Hive, access to Code Monkey, and Cubelets. The library already had a Sphero available and Library Media Services provided a Little Bits kit. The goal of the grant is to model the integration of technology into classroom lessons and options for student PBL projects.

    Middle school students have been learning to type using Typing Agent and learning to code through Code Monkey. Through the typing program and Code Monkey students will learn the skills to be able to program their own projects. These skills will then provide options for the students to make and create in their PBL projects. The next step is to introduce the middle school students to Cubelets to see their programming skills in action.

    Elementary students have been busy working with the Blue Bot Hive. The Blue Bot hive has 6 Blue Bots for six individual students or for 6 small groups.  With the Blue Bots, students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of concepts covered in the library and start learning how to program. Students have also been using the Cubelets to explore robotics in science class and the library.  While working with the science teacher students have already built 3 robots and the next step with the library is to work on adding a Go Pro video camera to their creations.

    Cummings’ commitment to collaboration has expanded to include working with students and the art on a Lego Man poster. Students created artwork that represents their own personal Lego Man. In the library, Cummings will help students 3D print their own Lego Man and paint it to match their posters. Students in another class will write a story and create an image of their main character, then build their characters in a 3D program in CiTi’s library and print them on the 3D printer. The goal of this project is to encourage student writing and creativity by adding technology.

    Cummings also recently began a blog, which may be found on CiTi’s website, www.citiboces.org.

    John Degone, Technology Teacher at SCCS

    The ITS: Model Schools department at CiTi recently named John DeGone, Technology and Photography Teacher for the Sandy Creek Central School District, as its Educator Spotlight for the month of March.

    DeGone has built a robotics program from the ground up into a winning program at SCCSD. He has implemented robotic coding for autonomous operation, improved the webpage development curriculum, is teaching technology students how to build computers and has improved CAD for engineering classes. He has assisted students with video production, digital photography and exploration of the Adobe suite.

    With the CAD program, DeGone has supervised students’ use of 3D modeling software to design original marketable products. Students research designs, use Autodesk Inventor to 3D model their product and export the files to print three-dimensional prototypes using Makerbot Replacement 2X machines. Products are then presented in a PowerPoint presentation.

    In DeGone’s classroom, students have also learned to build virtual computers using the Internet and reverse engineer old computers to help them effectively communicate a topic of interest. Examples have included game world designs and documentary-style cinematography.

    Perhaps one of the most successful programs in recent years is the robotics program DeGone created. The SCCSD robotics team will head to the 2017 World Competition in VEX Robotics, just on the heels of their participation in the 2016 world competition. In 2015, DeGone also lead the Sandy Creek team to a spaghetti bridge building championship at Jefferson Community College in Watertown. The growth of the Sandy Creek robotics program has helped students engage in a series of physical and virtual challenges. Much like DeGone’s other classes, robotics has led students to become problem-solvers and innovative thinkers.



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